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The telephone number of the “Booking Center Holiday” 800188637 toll;

1. Check – in time: from 14:00 onwards.
Check – Out: Rooms must be vacated by 10.00 am on the day of
The size of the advance of 25% of the price of the package, to be paid at the time of booking or on application challenging and the date by which, prior to departure, the balance must be paid, resulting from catalog, from ‘ brochure or anything else. The failure to pay amounts above the dates set is an express termination clause such as to determine, by the intermediary agency and / or the organizer the right resolution.

Before departure, the organizer or seller who needs to change significantly one or more elements of the contract, it shall immediately inform in writing to the consumer indicating the type of change and the change in price that follows. If the change does not alter the price, the service and the hotel category chosen by the consumer, if not accepted by the latter will apply penalties as well specified below. Finally, if a cancellation by the consumer, should be done within 48 hours of confirmation of the organizer will return, the full amount paid as an advance payment after that date will apply the following penalties:
within 31 days prior to departure 30% penalty of the total amount of the stay;
from 30 to 15 to the day before departure penalty of 60% of the total amount of the stay;
÷ ÷ from 14 to 02 days before departure penalty of 90% of the total amount of your stay, from 01 to the day of departure 100% cancellation fee of the total amount of the stay;

The consumer can withdraw from the contract without penalty in the following cases:
– Increase in the price referred to in art. 7 in excess of 10%;
– Significant modification of one or more elements of the contract objectively
as fundamental to the fruition of the package
as a whole and proposed by the organizer after the conclusion of
contract but before the departure and not accepted by the consumer.
In the cases mentioned above, the consumer has the right to:
– Make use of an alternative tourist package, at no extra cost or the refund of the price, if the second package has a value lower than the first;
– The refund of the amount already paid. The refund must be made within seven working days of receipt of the request for reimbursement. The consumer must communicate his decision (to accept the modification or withdrawal) no later than 12 hours from the moment he received the notice of increase or modification. In the absence of express notice within the time limit, the proposal made by the organizer is considered accepted.
The consumer who withdraws from the contract before departure outside the assumptions listed in the first paragraph, will be charged – regardless of the advance payment referred to in Article. 7 paragraph 1 – the amount of penalty as indicated in paragraph 10, but if the consumer will anticipate his return he will be charged for the days unexpended amounts, in addition to the amount of the deposit paid at time of booking at a cost of more than 3 nights as a penalty for early departure and any proceeds of insurance policies already “required at the time of conclusion of the contract or other services already” made. In the case of organized groups such amounts will be agreed from time to time the contract is signed.


The organizer, if after the departure is unable to provide for any reason except for the fact the consumer, an essential part of the services included in the contract, must provide alternative solutions, without additional cost to the Contracting and if the services provided are of lower value than the expected ones repay an amount equal to the difference. If it is not no alternative solution, or the solution proposed by the organizer is refused by the customer for proven and justified reasons, the organizer will provide, at no extra cost, a vehicle equivalent to the original for the return to the starting point or other place as may be agreed upon, depending on the availability of resources and people, and will refund to the extent of the difference between the cost of benefits provided and the services performed up to the time of early return.


Booking the customer is handled by different companies that operate in partnership with each other, including licensed Travel Agency and Tour Operator, so the data will be processed by the various actors as privacy policy.

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1.La Card is promoted by the brand “Snowflake Holiday”, and provides favorable conditions for the use of vacation packages at the facilities in the mountains.
2.La Card thus confers upon the holder the right to enjoy the privileges that the mark “Fiocco Vacanze” reserved exclusively for them.
3.A for the purchase of the card holders by contacting the reservations department will be able to make your own reservation accessing the exclusive card holders (discounted price, discounts for children more ‘advantageous and other unique benefits).
4.Si specific from the outset that the brand does not issue duplicates for the card, so if you lose, you will need to contact u? Ie reservations, and by reference to the number of the lost card, the card will be canceled and the previous one will be issued a new one (this operation is allowed only once, if the incident occurs again, Mark Fiocco Vacanze will not issue any other card, if not at the time a new purchase).
5.La Card is a service and does not confer rights other than those listed in this catalog.
6.For notices the card holder, pursuant to art. 13 D. Decree 196/2003, authorizes the processing of personal data. This authorization will allow the brand Fiocco Vacanze, to inform the owner of any ways? That the regulation, as well as new offers and benefits, by e-mail, SMS or postal mail. Card holders will receive a periodic newsletter via e-mail with information about new initiatives from the brand, as well as information for advertising and promotional purposes. Interested parties may at any time request information and / or corrections to their personal data and will be able to freely exercise their right to object to receive promotional material mentioned above, writing to Fiocco Vacanze: info@fioccovacanze.com; Fiocco Vacanze ensures that personal data collected will be treated in compliance with the requirements of correctness, lawfulness and transparency to art. 13 D. Decree 196/2003.
7.Fiocco Holidays can be made to this Regulation changes it deems useful and necessary. Any changes to the Rules may be brought to the attention of the Holders by simply posting on the site webwww.fioccovacanze.com, and / or by notices placed on communications and / or letters sent to the owners.
8.Il customer within 7 days of booking, shall pay to the group “Fiocco Vacanze” € 60,00 (over € 300.00 as a deposit – see above) to offer access CARD in case of cancellation, this amount will be deducted from the mark “Fiocco Vacanze” as a deposit.
9.CARD – If the owner will buy the gold card with the package holiday, will benefit only and immediately all the benefits that the card offers available for them who shall be entitled to discounts and holiday vouchers as indicated in the formula village;

The Cards are personal, non-transferable and are the property of Mark “Fiocco Vacanze.” I’m not a means of payment. The cards are valid in all the hotel “Fiocco Vacanze” under the terms of the official catalog.